Next-gen Bullers™ Process Control Discs Announced

We are delighted to announce that – following 18 months of intense research and subsequent reformulation trials – we have just relaunched Bullers™ Process Control Discs (BPCDs) as the new generation of high-performance pyrometric measuring devices.

The operating environment demanded by today’s advanced manufacturing sector is strictly controlled, and we acknowledge that the previous generation of BPCDs fell short of the exacting standards that one would expect.

We are extremely confident in this relaunched product, having subjected all discs in the range to destructive testing and lengthy evaluation across the entire applicable end-use temperature ranges. As an experienced manufacturer ourselves of a range of technical ceramics, we have been able to bring all our expertise to bear on this project, as well as subjecting the reformulated discs to mechanical and surface testing, and prolonged in-process thermal stressing across a very wide temperature range in our own production kilns and furnaces.

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We expect BPCDs to be the pyrometric measuring device of choice for all advanced firing and sintering operations, including the manufacture of:

• Semiconductors
• Single and Multi-Layer Capacitors
• Electronics
• Ferrites
• Technical Ceramics
• PM Components
• Insulators

We have retained the five temperature ranges, which feature distinct colours for rapid identification, and we offer BPCDs suitable for heat work measurement according to the following parameters:

The newly developed products are all 5mm (0.2in) thick and 20mm (0.8in) in diameter.

Mantec has an in-house facility for the production of high-specification, consistent granulate, and uses a dedicated computer-controlled powder press from one of the world’s leading manufacturers to achieve the required speed, density and tight tolerances that are central to delivering dependable, quality products.

Every batch of raw materials is pretested to exacting standards before being released into our sophisticated ISO 9001:2015 accredited manufacturing process. The BPCDs have retained the compact design that makes them suitable for any type of kiln or furnace; due to their practical size, they can be conveniently positioned in almost any location. A temperature correlation chart is provided with every batch (see an example here).

Mantec’s BPCDs are competitively priced and are now available to order in production quantities. For those customers wishing to evaluate the relaunched discs, we offer a cost-free test batch service (delivery only charged, at cost).  Please select one type from the range above to take advantage of this offer.