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Innovative, Adaptable, Remarkable Materials

Increasing numbers of interested users are turning to Mantec Technical Ceramics. Why? Because we absolutely don’t make products and then try and sell them (strange though this approach may sound). Important characteristics that define technical ceramics are their flexibility and broad appeal – and that goes for us too.

Come to us with your problem, your idea, your future project and we will put our experienced and eager team to work in making solid evaluations and exploring how one or more of our materials can be introduced to best effect. We’ll work steadily through the iterative ‘test what’s best’ process until we can either propose an ideal solution, or reluctantly inform you that on this occasion we’re not the answer.


Our ethos revolves around customer service, product quality, technical development and strong brand identities.


Mantec Filtration

Mantec Filtration produces a wide range of porous ceramic products including tubes, tiles and discs for applications such as filtration, crossflow microfiltration, fluidisation, metal casting, aeration and diffusion.


Mantec Refractories

Mantec provides a complete range of innovative, energy efficient and ultralightweight refractory solutions to a broad range of industries including: heavy clay, sanitaryware, tableware, kilns & furnaces, technical & advanced ceramics, foundry and heat treatment.

In an era of ever increasing fuel costs, Mantec Refractories offers solutions for reducing overall kiln energy consumption and thus improving manufacturing efficiencies and profits.


Technical Ceramics

Having a mix of wide ranging ceramic materials combined with class leading and diverse ceramic manufacturing and technological experience fully equips Mantec to provide the innovative and world class product solutions to their individual market sectors.

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