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These sectors operate tightly controlled manufacturing and processing environments, often involving high value materials.

Typical product groups include fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, high-grade compounds, agrochemicals, and aroma chemicals.

Ceramic membrane technology plays a significant role in water processing, chemical purification, and waste stream separation. Mantec’s Star-Sep™ crossflow concept is at the heart of membrane systems for these applications – comprising specially configured channels that result in high filtration rates for membrane filters compared with the direct flow mode of conventional filters.

In addition to supplying the ceramic elements, we also offer custom-made ceramic substrates and housings to the membrane systems OEM market.

Heavy duty, chemically resistant ceramic filters are also included in our range. These ceramic filter media are glass-bonded aluminosilicates that offer useful properties for the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, such as resistance to hot and cold acids (other than hydrofluoric acid and acid fluorides), alkaline solutions up to pH9, and hot gases up to 900°C (1650°F).

Where necessary, Mantec is highly experienced in designing and delivering retrofit filtration solutions to established operations, providing an end-to-end technical service.

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