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The world’s top 30 ceramic sanitaryware manufacturers produce somewhere in the region of 170 million pieces annually. These are, in the main, heavy items and this is an energy intensive sector.

Improving tunnel and shuttle kiln performance is crucial in bringing down fuel costs and maximising first-quality output. Mantec is a key technology partner on whom international brand manufacturers have come to rely.

Our main product for sanitaryware firing is the lightweight, super-insulative Ultralite™ family of materials, based on a mechanically foamed, microporous refractory granulate manufactured with our own proprietary process. The loose fill grades, ULF 10, 12 and 14 – which we’re proud to say are now certified Carbon Neutral Products – replace denser insulation and expanded minerals in kiln cars. Car weight reduction can be as dramatic as 40%.

Due to its unique characteristics, Ultralite ULF is stable at elevated temperatures, has a uniform pore size, is inert, easy and safe to handle, and has an extremely long service life.

This flexible material can also be used to form other kiln insulation products, such as low thermal mass firebricks and tiles. The net effect of adopting the Ultralite solution is a perfect combination of lighter weight, reduced thermal mass, reduced labour input, more rapid construction time, decreased heat loss, and substantial energy savings.

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