Bullers Rings and Bullers Process Control Discs

Ultralite Technology

Mantec is the home of the globally renowned and industry standard Bullers Temperature Control Devices. Bullers Rings and Bullers Process Control Discs are an essential part of any Quality Assurance System and utilised by many of the world’s leading ceramic manufacturers to check and monitor the control and uniform application of ‘heat work, i.e. the transfer of heat to a ceramic body inside a kiln or furnace.

Ultralite is an extremely ultra-lightweight, microporous refractory material uniquely available from Mantec Technical Ceramics.  Ultralite refractory products have superior technological and performance advantages over other refractory materials.

By specifying and installing Ultralite technology inside their kilns,  heavy clay manufacturers therefore ensure that they are adopting the latest efficient material technologies that offer  long term  consistent product performance as well as long term cost & energy savings.

Mantec’s Bullers and Ultralite products can now be found on our Mantec Refractories website: