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Never has closer attention been paid to maintaining the highest possible standards in food and drink production, and Mantec is proud to help in critical parts of the process.

Membrane separation technology – based on our proprietary Star-Sep concept comprising complete crossflow filtration – is employed to process water to levels of purity that makes it suitable for use in food and drink manufacture.

Clarification, separation, and refining are also necessary – depending on the ingredients and the end product – and Mantec’s ceramic-based solutions have a role to play in a number of these process steps.

Following the main preparation and manufacturing stages, there is also the question of by-products to be addressed, whether this is treatment leading to appropriate waste handling and disposal, or ultra-filtration that can deliver recycled water (for instance) of sufficient purity for it to be added to the primary water source and re-enter the manufacturing chain.

It is obvious that these processes must operate in the most hygienic, super-sterile facilities, with all contact surfaces conforming to strict industry protocols.

Mantec has broad experience meeting these requirements, as another company in the group deals extensively with glaze systems for ceramics, which have to conform to the same exacting standards.

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