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Ceramic tableware – including dinnerware and hotelware – is a global, multi-billion dollar industry.

Tableware production is, by its very nature, driven by design dynamics and this inevitably means changing ranges, sometimes rapidly. Every manufacturer wants to achieve the most fuel-efficient production and the highest possible yield of first-quality ware. Critical to this is the optimum kiln set-up, ware configuration, and temperature profile. Having achieved that, then repeatability is key. This is where Mantec’s Bullers™ Rings are invaluable.

A Bullers Ring is a pyrometric device that gauges heatwork (the combined effect of both time and temperature) in any sort of ceramic kiln. The readings are recorded and analysed over time, enabling the tableware manufacturer to compile accurate heat work data from each firing. This enables immediate corrective action if out of specification readings are observed, while also providing a visible and recordable ‘map’ of the ideal configuration for each kiln, range, and firing cycle.

We can guarantee the integrity of the readings since each batch of spray dried materials used to make Bullers Rings is pre-tested to exacting standards before being released into our sophisticated ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturing process. This consistency ensures reliable and reproducible performance.

Not every concept that’s been around for 120 years has stood the test of time, but Bullers Rings have – because they’re economical, they’re very easy to use, and they work!

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