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Mantec Technical Ceramics is serious about its position as a leader in technical ceramics for industry.

Spray Drying

Mantec has two large atomising nozzle spray dryers available for hire on a contract basis. Typical batch sizes range from small 50-100kg trials up to 10-40 tonne campaigns.

Customers are provided with full technical support to achieve their desired dried granulate size distribution for each individual application.

Subcontract Manufacturing

Mantec has a range of manufacturing equipment that allows customers to develop new products without the expense of purchasing their own capital equipment.

We have the capability of ball milling, mixing, spray drying, pressing/forming, drying, firing and testing a wide range of materials to precise technical specifications.

Ball Milling

We now offer ball milling services for a range of raw materials and currently provide this service on a commercial basis to the ceramic industry throughout the UK.


A wide range of mixing capabilities is on offer, including materials blending, slip processing, storage arcs, Z-blade, pan mills and a number of different Eirich mixers.

Component Forming

A range of on-site component forming techniques is available for our customers to hire. These include:

  • Slip Pressing – tubes, cups, crucibles, complex shapes, etc
  • Chemical/cement/low cement casting – regular and complex pre-cast shapes
  • Isostatic pressing – tubes
  • Hydraulic/Mechanical uniaxial pressing – tiles, discs, flat sheets, etc
  • Extrusion – tubes, multi-hole ceramics, regular cross section lengths

Product & Process Development

With our wide range of manufacturing technologies and experienced technical team, we undertake small to medium-sized research and development projects to transform a customer’s product idea/concept into a commercially manufactured product.

Thermal Processing

Mantec has the capabilities to offer sub-contract services for Curing, Debinding, Sintering and Calcination.

There are a wide range of on-site drying and curing ovens. Mantec has both gas and electric, static air, turbulent air, dehumidification and fume extracted dryers/curers in a range of sizes and temperatures.

Custom Firing
Mantec has a range of intermittent kilns capable of firing up to 1649°C/3000°F, which vary in size from small development kilns in its QC laboratory up to much larger production sized kilns/furnaces.

Mantec can either match existing firing curves or help our clients develop tailor-made firing curves to best suit production turnaround time and/or product testing parameters. Mantec also has a modern laboratory to offer a full suite of physical testing measurement should the customer need full firing verification. Many of Mantec’s kilns have afterburners fitted so we can handle materials with combustible binders.

Research & Development

Mantec Technical Ceramics is serious about its position as a leader in technical ceramics for industry.

Mantec has put together a highly qualified technical Research and Development Team that works with new and existing customers to refine and enhance the product range that we manufacture for them. We use the most up-to-date and innovative processes and materials, thus enabling any manufacturing company to benefit from this wealth of knowledge and experience.

Through continuous investment, Mantec has installed the latest laboratory equipment, not only for product development, but also for routine testing and analysis of its raw materials to ensure it adheres to the latest and rigorous global standards.

At its 85,000ft2 (7,900m2) facility in the UK, with varied manufacturing and firing technologies alongside its R&D team, Mantec is ideally placed to assist companies in the development of technical ceramic products for the future.

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