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Following All the Right Channels

Mantec Filtration is a prime technical innovator and supplier of superior filtration media. We manufacture high-grade porous ceramic tubes, tiles, discs, elements, and membranes, as well as associated seals and housings.

Ceramics exhibit excellent chemical resistance and operate well at elevated temperatures and with hot liquids. Being inert, there are also no issues of filtrate contamination, while pore size control is optimised with these materials.

We manufacture specialist products for a broad range of applications, including high-pressure filtration, crossflow microfiltration, ultrafiltration, aeration, diffusion, fluidisation, and investment casting.

This Mantec division is also responsible for a range of speciality ceramics for applications as diverse as soil science, the controlled release of vapours, and the manufacture of optical crystals where the physical and chemical properties are an important characteristic.

Our products and systems are widely accepted for use in:

We are also a supplier to filtration system OEMs.

This range of products can now be viewed on the Mantec Filtration website.

Ceramic Filters

Mantec solves difficult problems by supplying porous ceramic media that are chemically inert and stable.

Ceramic Membranes

The Star-Sep™ Membrane filter has been specifically developed for efficient crossflow microfiltration.


Mantec has a range of fine bubble diffusers available in a variety of ceramic or EPDM membrane materials.

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