Carbon Neutral News

Mantec leads the sector in carbon neutrality

I am very pleased to be able to tell you that Ultralite super thermally efficient, inert insulation in grades 10, 12, and 14 are with immediate effect classified as Carbon Neutral Products, as certified by the leading international validation body, ClimatePartner.

Over the past year we have undertaken a comprehensive analysis of the carbon footprint associated with Ultralite and, with the results fully independently monitored, we have now invested in the appropriate carbon offsets to achieve this milestone certification.

Of course, every step we take in this direction assists you as a valued customer in working together with us towards the 2030-50 Net Zero goals, as reiterated at the recent COP26 summit. As all three grades have been recognised as carbon neutral, you can be assured that any Ultralite that you order will be in conformance with the certification, and this will now be reflected on new labelling which will shortly come into use.

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