ASEAN Ceramics – Gallery

Mantec’s subsidiary Xtract Filtration Systems exhibited at ASEAN Ceramics this week.  

Xtract is a specialist filtration company, offering design, fabrication, and installation of modular and bespoke filtration systems, primarily in the ceramics industry.

Recovering valuable raw materials, such as glaze, from liquid waste streams for our global customers is a key area to Xtract’s business. Xtract has enjoyed international success with the installation of its glaze and slip Reclamation Systems within the ceramics industry for more than 20 years.

Xtract’s technology, which is based on crossflow filtration using specially designed robost ceramic membranes, has also been employed to recover valuable Zircona from waste slurry for the manufacture of metal pour filters within the investment casting industry. The technology can also be used for many other industrial liquid waste streams, either for material recovery or for the concentration of waste for disposal.

Here are some images from the show.

More Information

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