Mantec Technical Ceramics offers the following thermal processing services:


There are a wide range of on-site drying and curing ovens. Mantec has both gas and electric, static air, turbulent air, dehumidification and fume extracted dryers/curers in a range of sizes and temperatures.

Custom Firing

Mantec has a range of intermittent kilns capable of firing up to 1649°C/3000°F, which range in size from small development kilns in its QC laboratory up to much larger production sized kiln/furnaces.

Mantec can either match existing firing curves or help our client develop tailor-made firing curves to best suit production turnaround time and/or product testing parameters. Mantec also has a modern laboratory to offer a full suite of physical testing measurement should the customer need full firing verification. Many of Mantec’s kilns have afterburners fitted so we can handle materials with combustible binders.