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Mantec Technical Ceramics is the home of the globally renowned and industry standard Bullers Temperature Control Devices. Bullers™ Rings and Bullers™ Process Control Discs (BPCDs) are an essential part of any Quality Assurance System and utilised by many of the world’s leading ceramic manufacturers to check and monitor the control and uniform application of ‘heat work, i.e. the transfer of heat to a ceramic body inside a kiln or furnace.

Bullers Rings and BPCDs will make the same ‘thermal journey’ as the ceramic product being fired. Their shrinkage is a key indicator of consistent and optimal firing regimes and therefore gives an independent, accurate, reliable and essential indication that the firing of the ceramic product is correct and unaffected by any variations in temperature and kiln loading.

While the principle for making Bullers Rings was determined over 110 years ago, they are manufactured today using the latest production technology.

To ensure consistency and accuracy, Bullers Rings and BPCDs are manufactured to a precise materials specification under strict quality parameters.

Each batch of spray dried materials used to make Bullers Rings and BPCDs is pre-tested to Mantec’s exacting standards before being released into our sophisticated ISO9001:2008 accredited manufacturing process. This consistency ensures a reliable and reproducible quality time after time.

What is ‘Heat Work’ and Why Should You Measure It?

Heat work is the action and combined effect of temperature over time on a ceramic product, often referred to as ‘heat energy’. Simply put, heat work is a defined measurement of how a ceramic product has been cooked or processed while in production.

Bullers Rings and BPCDs allow you to understand the effect that temperature and time have on the ceramic product and what action is required to prevent costly production problems occurring on future firings.

When used correctly and consistently, Bullers Rings and BPCDs will maximise yields and ensure profitable firings time after time. Early notifications of under fired products allow you to re-fire to the correct quality, saving scrap products while maintaining capacity and profitability.

Only heat work measuring and monitoring will allow you to understand what has happened to a ceramic product in the kiln or furnace independently of temperature and time.

Worldwide Applications

Bullers Rings and BPCDs are utilised in over 45 countries by many of the world’s leading ceramic manufacturers and used in all types of continuous or intermittent kilns.

The typical applications range from Tableware, Sanitaryware, Heavy Clay, Refractories and increasingly BPCDs are used within the world of Electronics, Technical and Advanced Ceramics.

Our customers’ applications are served by a wide range of  Bullers Temperature Control Devices, which enable temperature ranges of 750°C – 1420°C / 1382°F – 2588°F (Bullers Rings) and and 1250°C – 1770°C / 2282°F – 3218°F (BPCDs) to be monitored.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to frequently asked questions about the use of Bullers, please click here for our Bullers FAQ document.

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