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Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment

Porous ceramics have traditionally been used to disperse compressed air, in the form of fine bubbles, into sewage for activated sludge biological purification processes, and for ozone injection into drinking water. Mantec Technical Ceramics' range of alumina-based porous ceramics has been developed to both maximise the transfer efficiency and bring to the industry many unique features.

Mantec has also been involved in the manufacture of Ceramic Crossflow Microfiltration Elements for many years and have enjoyed significant success with its Star-Sep™ Ceramic Membranes in a number of varied applications including industrial water treatment.

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  • Retrofit Membranes and Housings

    Mantec offers ceramic membranes and housings suitable for retrofitting into existing crossflow systems without the need to modify existing infrastructure. Please choose from one of the following options for more information.  ... read more

  • Pilot Plant Rental

    For most liquid filtration and separation applications, pilot plant trials are essential in order to determine whether the properties of the filtrate, or indeed the retentate, are of the desired quality. Such trials are also crucial to... read more

  • LP Filter Housings

    LP Filter Housings To complement our range of Ceramic Filters, Mantec now offers a range of stainless steel filter housings to meet the demands of process air / gas and liquid filtration requirements. They are effective at removing solids... read more

  • E-Brochures & Technical Data

    All our brochures are provided as PDF files. Please ensure you have a PDF reader installed such as Adobe Reader (link opens new window). Click on an icon or link below to open a brochure. Mantec Corporate Brochure Bullers Process... read more

  • Aeration & Diffusion

    Many of today's waste and drinking water treatment applications demand an efficient and effective way of introducing gases into liquids. The gases can vary from air/oxygen for activated sludge to ozone for drinking water purification.... read more

  • Star-Sep™ Membranes

    Ceramic membranes are operated in the crossflow filtration mode, a continuous process in which the feed stream flows parallel (tangential) to the membrane filtration surface and generates the two outgoing streams. This mode has the benefit... read more

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