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Technical & Advanced Ceramics

Technical & Advanced Ceramics

Mantec Technical Ceramics is a diverse and specialist manufacturer of an extensive range of products for the Technical and Advanced Ceramic sectors and is fully equipped with the technological expertise to provide innovative and world-class product solutions to numerous global markets. 

Mantec provides varied manufacturing and firing technologies and its UK based Research and Development team in the heart of the UK ceramics region makes it ideally placed to be the first port of call for companies seeking a technical ceramic-based partnership.

Meanwhile, Mantec's Bullers™ Process Control Discs (BPCDs) are also recognised as an essential part of the Quality Assurance System for many leading manufacturers of Technical and Advanced Ceramics to check and monitor the control and uniform application of 'heat work' inside a kiln, thereby ensuring consistent and reliable production.

Read more about the products and services Mantec provides to this sector......

  • Technical Data - Bullers Rings & BPCDs

    Welcome to this download page for our Bullers Rings & BPCD products. Click on the links below to open the corresponding PDF file. Please ensure you have a PDF reader installed such as Adobe Reader (link opens new window). Bullers Rings... read more

  • Technical Data - Ultralite Thermal Insulation

    Welcome to this download page for our Ultralite Thermal Insulation products. Click on the links below to open the corresponding PDF file. Please ensure you have a PDF reader installed such as Adobe Reader (link opens new window). Ultralite... read more

  • Kiln Applications

    Kiln Applications for Ultralite Thermal Insulation Products Mantec’s family of Ultralite Thermal Insulation Products can be installed throughout the whole kiln – kiln cars, kiln walls, cavity walls, roof space and arched... read more

  • Ultralite versus Fibre

    Ultralite Loose Fill versus Refractory Ceramic Fibre Ultralite Loose Fill is designed to replace the more traditional insulation material within kiln car bases without any of the growing concerns about the health and safety... read more

  • Ultralite Insulating Firebricks

    Ultralite Insulating Firebricks (UIFB) In response to increasing market demands for ultra-lightweight and highly insulating refractory products – and following extensive research and development – Mantec Technical... read more

  • Thermal Processing

    Mantec Technical Ceramics offers the following thermal processing services: Drying There are a wide range of on-site drying and curing ovens. Mantec has both gas and electric, static air, turbulent air, dehumidification and fume extracted... read more

  • Speciality Ceramics

    Mantec Technical Ceramics supplies a wide range of speciality ceramics which are extensively used in applications such as: Soil Science Hydraulic and Pneumatic Piezometer Probe Tips Used in civil engineering to measure the water... read more

  • Spray Drying

    Mantec Technical Ceramics has announced a welcome additional option to ceramics manufacturers as it widens its contract spray drying service. We have decades of expertise in this area, operating an atomising spray dryer on a batching basis... read more

  • E-Brochures & Technical Data

    All our brochures are provided as PDF files. Please ensure you have a PDF reader installed such as Adobe Reader (link opens new window). Click on an icon or link below to open a brochure. Mantec Corporate Brochure Bullers Process... read more

  • Bullers™ Process Control Discs (BPCDs)

    Place • Measure • Improve Mantec Technical Ceramics is a prime innovator in its field and, with many decades of experience to support its research efforts, has successfully developed Bullers™ Process Control Discs (... read more

  • Ultralite Castable & Graded Aggregate

    Ultralite Cavity Fill Castable (UCF) Ultralite Cavity Fill Castable (UCF) is used to reduce the cool face temperature of the outer wall of a kiln/furnace or the door of industrial boilers and is offered by Mantec Technical Ceramics as an... read more

  • Ultralite Pre-Cast Shapes

    Ultralite Pre-Cast Shapes Mantec Technical Ceramics has both the technical expertise and manufacturing experience to produce from first design principles bespoke Ultralite Refractory Shapes such as setter blocks, cover tiles and many... read more

  • Ultralite Loose Fill Insulation

    Ultralite Loose Fill Insulation (ULF) Ultralite is the ultimate kiln car loose fill insulator. It is a unique lightweight refractory aggregate with exceptional insulating properties and has been designed to replace less thermally... read more

  • Electrical Insulators

    A wide range of materials, such as Electrical Porcelain, Mullite and Steatite, is used to manufacture Mantec's Electrical Insulators such as Busbar Supports, Die-Pressed Components, Tubes, Rods, Terminal Blocks, Connector Blocks,... read more

  • Ceramic Gas Fire Radiants

    Mantec Technical Ceramics is the only UK based manufacturing company with the ability and expertise to manufacture a full range of traditional Ceramic Gas Fire Radiants, which are renowned for their high efficiency... read more

  • Temperature Control

    World Class Manufacturing Techniques Mantec Technical Ceramics is the home of the globally renowned and industry standard Bullers Temperature Control Devices. Bullers™ Rings and Bullers™ Process Control Discs (BPCDs)... read more

  • Technical Ceramics

    Mantec Technical Ceramics has vast experience in the manufacture of standard and non-standard components to exacting standards for the electrical industry and specialises in glazed as well as unglazed products to suit customers'... read more

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