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Latest News from Mantec - October 2014


20 October 2014

The British ceramics manufacturer Mantec Technical Ceramics is a diverse manufacturing technology company, providing bespoke and innovative ceramic-based solutions to global industries. The company offers among others an extensive range of essential kiln and furnace products, which contribute towards maximum efficiencies in the overall kiln or furnace operation. The company has recently undertaken a period of extensive research, development and testing and the latest product developments are presented below.

Mantec Technical Ceramics, with its headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent, is a prime innovator in this field and has successfully developed the concepts and technologies behind its Bullers Rings brand to come up with Bullers Process Control Discs (BPCDs). They represent the new generation of Bullers temperature control devices and are proving to be a preferred option for many customers in the ceramic industry. BPCDs have been designed so that they are suitable for any type of kiln or furnace and they can be conveniently positioned in almost any location due to their practical size. Bullers Rings and BPCDs are utilised in over 45 countries by many of the world’s leading ceramic manufacturers and used in all types of continuous or intermittent kilns.

There are five different types of BPCDs, all with a nominal diameter of 20 mm and a nominal thickness of 3,5 mm, covering very low temperatures (770 – 950 °C), low temperatures (900 – 1150 °C), medium temperatures (1050 – 1320 °C), high temperatures (1250 – 1550 °C), and very high temperatures (1500 – 1770 °C). These five ranges have overlapping operating parameters and are flexible and cost efficient temperature control devices.

At the Tecnargilla fair (22 – 26 September 2014) held in Rimini/IT, Mantec Technical Ceramics launched its brand new Ultralite™ Insulating Firebricks (UIFB) manufactured using a combination of Mantec’s advanced microporous refractory technology and its unique patent pending engineering expertise.

The main application for Ultralite Insulating Firebricks is as a primary hot face refractory lining in kilns and furnaces or in other areas requiring high temperature insulation. They can also be used as secondary back-up insulation behind other hot face linings.
The main industrial sectors where UIFB would make an impact are traditional ceramics, refractories, iron and steel as well as glass production.

Mantec has come up with products which are just half the weight and half the density of comparable firebricks currently available. The UIFB range also offers superior thermal insulation and better mechanical properties. Rigorous independent testing carried out by ICAR/FR in accordance with ASTM C201/182 comparing an industry standard IFB 26 against Mantec`s UIFB 26 firebrick confirmed thermal conductivity levels 25 % lower for the new products. Mantec’s standard UIFB-26 brick meets the requirements of ASTM C155 for group 26 applications requiring a temperature rating of 1400 °C.

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